Leezair is a new platform to discover and book experiences, tours and activities. The marketplace is focusing on bookings made on the go so we need to access live ability so we can send instant bookings. The team is based in Sydney, Australia, and supported by Qantas Avro Accelerator and strategic travel partners.

It's better to register an account with Leezair after listing all your products in Rezdy. Indeed the connection between Rezdy and Leezair is fully automated, our startup believe that suppliers shouldn't manage their products through different interfaces which is a waste of time (it's a big difference and innovation!). All your listings and availabilities will be managed in Rezdy if it's your reservation system. Leezair will also provide marketing tips on the quality and the potential conversion rate (we even have created listing guidelines for you). 

In order to allow Leezair to pull your Products, Rates and Availability from your Rezdy account, you need to complete the following steps:


Register an account with Leezair and improve your Leezair Provider page and profile.

  1. Select "I'm a registered business with a booking system" 
  2. then select "Rezdy booking System" 
  3. then enter your "Rezdy company alias" so we could retrieve your account, products and availabilities. 

If you can't find the alias go on your profile page in rezdy and check the end of the Rezdy URL (https://app.rezdy.com/profile/ThisIsYourAlias). Don't change it as it will break your connections (Rezdy gives more informations about it here too: https://support.rezdy.com/hc/en-us/articles/209695758-How-to-change-Your-Rezdy-URL)

STEP 2 (in Rezdy)

  • Create a Negotiated Rate catalog
  • Select Products
  • Set Commissions

1. Click Agents

2. Click My Negotiated Rates

3. Click New Negotiated Rate

within the New Negotiated Rate screen:

4. Name the New Negotiated Rate accordingly

5. Select all Products and set the Commissions

6. Click Create Catalog

STEP 3 (in Rezdy)

  • Establish the Connection

1. Click Marketplace

2. Click Agents

3. Search for Leezair, click the Profile button (below is the direct link to their Profile)


Within the Profile page for Leezair:

4. Click Rates

5. Click Send Your Rates then Send Your Rates

6. Tick the Negotiated Rate

7. Click Continue

Agent Terms and Permissions

8. Enter a unique Agent Code for Internal uses i.e. Reporting and tracking of Orders

9. Click Continue

Your Message

10. Personalise a quick message (optional)

11. Click Send Agent Catalog


Set up your Leezair Direct payment to be directly paid into your bank account. 

Make sure you have provided your bank details in Step 3 so we could process your payments when we get bookings. 

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