Leezair is being connected to most of the booking systems so we could:

  1. Retrieve updated product details (if any)
  2. Check live availabilities
  3. Process instant bookings
  4. Process direct payments

Note: If your booking system doesn't store your product details, we allow you - as provider - to create your products directly on the Leezair Marketplace and connect them with your booking system so we could still display accurate availabilities to our users and send you bookings in real-time. The mapping is done automatically.

  1. Select "I'm a registered business with a booking system"
  2. Select the booking management system you are using
  3. Provide your details and follow the steps

You can connect any booking system to Leezair to ensure live availabilities, instant booking and direct payment.

However the process is different per Booking System:

  1. Rezdy
  2. Respax
  3. BookingBoss
  4. FareHarbor
  5. Bookeo
  6. TourCMS
  7. ProCharter
  8. Whyte Waters (RTBS)
  9. CustomLinc (JRS)
  10. Rezgo
  11. Checkfront
  12. Frontdesk
  13. Xola
  14. Get in Sell Out (GISO)
  15. Welcome Management System (TourBiz)
  16. Trekksoft
  17. PonoRez
  18. Zaui
  19. Bokun
  20. ActivityRez
  21. HulaRez
  22. Rezopia
  23. Booking Live
  24. Booking Buddha
  25. Naked Bookings
  26. Bookit
  27. BookingBug
  28. Planyo
  29. Webrezpro
  30. Rezclick
  31. BookThatApp (Shopify Plugin)
  32. J6 Travel
  33. Adventure Office
  34. Regiondo
  35. Rezobx
  36. MyTours
  37. IBIS
  38. InTouch
  39. Peek
  40. Tour Manager
  41. TicketMates
  42. TourDigger
  43. Tourplan
  44. Woocommerce (Booking plugin)


Leezair Free Marketplace is provided by default and for free if you don't have a reservation system.

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