Option 1 (being deprecated): CustomLinc SOAP API

Step 1

You need to contact customLinc and request them to issue you ****(2010 Legacy SOAP credentials) for Leezair to be able to map your products with Leezair Marketplace.

It is critical that you make this request to CustomLinc using these exact words ;

We require "2010 Legacy SOAP credentials" for the agent Leezair. Can you please return the following 5 values:

  1. Secure endpoint: (link)
  2. Insecure endpoint: (link)
  3. Subscriber ID: (numeric)
  4. Provider ID: (numeric)
  5. Agent ID = (Distributor ID/numeric)

Step 2

Once CustomLinc returns the 5 values above you will need to provide the values in your provider account or by email to engineering@leezair.com

Option 2 (coming soon): CustomLinc REST API

Please send by email to engineering@leezair.com,

(1) your test and production API endpoints:

(2) your API Key for Agent (us)

(3) and any special codes (like product categories, status codes, fare types)

And of course register on Leezair Marketplace if you didn't.

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