After submitting your registration, you will receive an email request from Leezair to Fareharbor support which will require action from you. An example of the email you will receive is below so you know what to look out for:

To :
CC : (you)
Subject: Re: Request for connection via FareHarbor to XYZ Supplier (you)

Dear FareHarbor Support Team,

I would like to advise that Leezair Marketplace has now begun working with XYZ
Supplier LLC in the United Sates & we would like access to book their Tours & Activities via API.

The Tour Operator has been included in this email as our contact & Owner of XYZ Tours LLC. We have agreed to a commission of xx% commission rate effective 01/01/17.

Jim as the Tour Operator, Fareharbor require you to respond to so that you can verify your permission to grant Leezair access. 

Once you verify the partnership with Leezair Marketplace, the Fareharbor team simply switches on Leezair's access on the Fareharbor end & informs us. After this, Leezair will begin the automated import process of your products.

Kind Regards,
The Leezair Team

And of course register on Leezair Marketplace if you didn't.

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