1. Signup here: https://partners.leezair.com/
  2. Generate your API key here once logged in: https://partners.leezair.com/api 
  3. Access the API documentation & data model

Leezair has two APIs: 

  • a Basic Partner API, where the booking happens on Leezair.com or through whitelabel app,
  • and an Advanced Partner API, where the partner has access to live availabilities and can process bookings and payments on its side. It requires more work to implement as there is availability caching (strategy) and booking process to implement. In this case, the partner is also taking care of customer service.

You can require access to our Advanced Partner API, allowing you to directly check availabilities, process bookings and list full product details. 

Please note - Access to the Advanced Partner API (live Data feeds) is granted on a case by case basis and ONLY when the affiliate has an existing customer base and requires our data feeds only to supplement their own content.

If you are looking to build a new website or integrate a Tours & Activities search/recommendation functionality into your existing site, you can also use our Whitelabel option.

Indeed Private Branding or white labelling is the easiest and most efficient solution available to offer our Tours & Activities recommendations and search to your users. You can customise our interface with your own brand, colors and logo. You can also generate search or map widgets in the affiliate portal – none of these require access to the API.

Leezair Partner API - endpoints (Distributors & Resellers)

GET /products
As partner, through the API you can retrieve our products: experiences, tours and activities details using several filters/search such as locations, categories, availabilities, duration or price. We will return details about the experiences including cover image, name, description, highlights, price, rating, country, city, duration, available for instant booking, next sessions available, URLs, etc. Please specify at least the country or latitude + longitude parameter.

GET /recommendations
We have built an advanced recommendation engine (also called AI recommender) with machine/deep learning embedded so you could suggest relevant experiences, tours and activities to your audience around a specific location. Here the user experience is more proactive and make sense if you already know a little bit your customers, where they are going, their traveller type (eg. age, genre, gender, etc.).

GET /taxonomy/categories
You can retrieve our list of categories which is always updated dynamically based on the activities available within our ecosystem.

GET /taxonomy/genres
You can retrieve our experiences genres we have available within our catalogue. You can consider our ‘genres’ as ‘themes’ or top-top categories. You can use it to optimise the recommendations if you have collected or asked your customer interests or preferences.

GET /taxonomy/countries
You can retrieve a list of countries where Leezair has experiences listed. Use this is list to limit your /products, /taxonomy/categories or /taxonomy/genres requests for a specific country.

Leezair Advanced Partner API - additional endpoints

GET /availabilities
You can retrieve availabilities per product (experiences, tours, activities, rentals, etc.)

POST /booking
Create a new booking

POST /payment
Create a new payment (often needed to validate booking)

UPDATE/ booking
Update a booking with participant details, date change, pickup change or location change.

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