At the moment, automatically, you can only import listings from the connected booking systems if they store product details (not many) and allow it.

However if you have a lot of products (more than 10), you can request a batch import by contacting The Leezair Team. You will still have to review it and create the availabilities through the calendar in the marketplace.

You just have to follow the existing data structure of the following spreadsheet - or .json file if you have developers.

Example Excel Spreadsheet (or CSV)
Template available here

Example JSON

  • Product title* (Text Block)
  • Short description* (Text Block)
  • Highlights* (Text Block)
  • Target (Text Block)
  • What you will do* (Text Block)
  • What's included* (Text Block)
  • What's excluded (Text Block)
  • What to bring (Text Block)
  • Requirements (Text Block)
  • Image 1 Url* (Cover image)
  • Image 2 Url*
  • Image 3 Url*
  • Video Url* (youtube or vimeo)
  • Product type* (Activity, Day Tour, Multi day Tour, Event)
  • Confirm mode* (Manual, Auto)
  • Duration Days*
  • Duration Hours*
  • Duration Minutes*
  • Quantity maximum (participants)
  • Quantity required minimum (participants)
  • Cancellation Policy Days* (how many days before it starts?)
  • Minimum notice hours* (important for last minute booking)
  • Additional information after booking (Text Block)
  • Address*
  • Latitude (will be calculated anyway)
  • Longitude (will be calculated anyway)
  • Address information (pickup for example)
  • Price Options
  • Categories¬†
  • Booking mode (Date enquiry, inventory, no date)
  • Coming Sessions (example: 2017-05-04 09:00:00, 2017-05-04 11:00:00, etc.)

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