You have full control, we just review the quality of your listings to optimise your conversion rate in our apps and network, putting your Experiences, Tours & Activities in the hand of travellers.

You can always update your listings, adding or replacing images, videos, tweaking and improving your description (which is structured on Leezair), finding a better title, adding extras, options and/or pickups, etc.

IF you are using only Leezair Marketplace, then it's easy, just go to your Provider Dashboard to Edit your listings: (you need to be logged in and to be a Provider to access it)

IF you are also using a Booking system, you have 2 options:

  • Your Booking system allows you to store product details (such as title, description, images, videos, location, pickups, extras, options, pricing, etc.) then we usually retrieve it if we can and you can update the details directly in your reservation software (if the connection is not possible, use the Leezair Marketplace).
  • Your Booking system doesn't store any product details (very common) then in this case you just use Leezair Marketplace to list and edit your product details; the reservation system will be only used to retrieve availabilities and send bookings in this case.

Please let us know if you have any question regarding your listings. We are here to help you and we want to work together so you could get the best out of it. 

You can also check our listing guidelines if needed:

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