Short answer, it's up to you! 

  • If you connect your own booking system and/or channel manager you can usually send us your rates directly from your admin/dashboard (FYI the Tours & Activities industry average is 22% in 2017/2018) - we are connected to hundreds.
  • If you use our Leezair marketplace with our free reservation system, channel manager and services it's usually a flat 15% but we can of course negotiate depending on your business type and model (eg. hire or 1h activity vs. multi-day tours or expedition). 

We created Leezair to support the Tours & Activities industry so we want to find something which is sustainable for both of us on the long term.

Indeed, we are not a common OTA, our main audience and focus is on international travellers on the go and our mission is to support the Tour & Activity providers and market worldwide. We believe it has been left behind with technology and innovation until today. 

Keep in mind that a lot of additional services are also included when you start distributing through Leezair Platform/ecosystem such as a Leezair Payment System™ (at no additional cost), a reservation system (if you don't have any), a channel manager to connect your booking system (if you have an existing one), Leezair Ticketing System, Leezair insurance (coming soon), LeezairVR™, LeezairKiosk™, Leezair Distress Inventory and Yield Management technology (Activelust™) built specially for Tours & Activities suppliers, free Listing Guidelines and Marketing tips to optimise your conversion rate, and - if you want to - a full access to our Partner Network (including Airlines, Hotels, Visitor Centres, Travel Agents, Cruises, Car rentals, Hostels, DMOs, states and countries).   

If needed, you can directly register your business from here

FYI - We now operate in 182 countries processing payments in 135 currencies, and we have been awarded as Best Travel Innovation 2017 by Finder and Most innovative Travel Startup at Qantas Avro.

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