As Tours & Activities provider you are using Bokun to manage your listings/product details, availabilities and bookings. This is great as leezair is directly connected to Bokun Marketplace via API.

In order to finalise the connection you have to follow 2 steps:

1. Register your business with Leezair and Select Bokun as Booking Management System and/or Channel Manager (depending on how you are set up) 

Screenshot (Step 2)
After selecting "I'm a registered business with a booking system"

2. In Bokun Marketplace, search for Leezair (as distributor/agent) and add us as Reseller.

  • Bokun Admin > Contracts > Marketplace - Search for Leezair
  • Click on "Add as reseller"
  • Send us your Terms, Products and Rates.

We will then load your listings, availabilities then start sending bookings from our apps.

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