At Leezair we understand that it can be expensive to develop your own website and marketing online while managing listings, availabilities, bookings, customers, running the experiences, etc.

This is why we have launched this new tool so you could in few minutes set up your own branded page and accept direct bookings and payments!

You only have to set it up and you will need:

  • your logo (color + white)
  • your font (if any)
  • your colors
  • your name to set your subdomain (or you can use a Custom domain/URL)
  • additional images or video to personalise the page

and of course create your experiences, add availabilities and set up your bank account for direct payouts.

The form is divided in 3 tabs: Details, Design and Media.

When you distribute your own products as provider, we charge you a flat 5% service fee (including payment fee) and 0% if the booking is offline and paid by cash. 


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