The Leezair engineering team has built technology allowing Operators/Suppliers to distress their inventory last minute using a unique algorithm, dynamic pricing and smart contracts (blockchain technology). When it's too late to market and promote a session our operators are now covered! 

Originally we were supposed to launch a new App called Activelust but the project got reprioritized and paused. 

Now this service is accessible to Leezair's Distributor partners via API and Whitelabel solutions.

How does it work for Operators/Suppliers?

  • Safely promote your distressed inventory
  • Get exposure to younger, more experience-oriented travellers
  • Break free from old-school distribution and regain control of your business

The way people book travel has definitely changed. Half of all bookings now happen within seven days of check-in and around 25% on the same day - within the last 24 hours. Mobile bookings are rapidly overtaking those made via desktop website. Want to get in front of these savvy travellers? We’ll get you there.

Our service is the new way to book a last-minute experience, tour or activity. Bookers trust us to help them discover great experiences, tours and activities at their destinations - across the world, and we throw all of our energy into making the journey amazing for everyone involved.

Partnering with us means you get access to our world-class targeting tools and maintain 100% flexibility and control of your inventory at all times (unlike those other guys, we’ve got no rate or allotment requirements). You can get more or less aggressive with your inventory depending on your in-the-moment needs.

A unique and innovative booking journey

  1. You allow us to distribute your unsold sessions.
  2. If the activity starts within the last 24 hours and if the traveller is close by then they will receive a real-time notification promoting your session as an attractive deal. 
  3. Travellers book! It's win-win as the session/booking was almost lost. You make more money distressing your inventory and they get a deal (it's a revenue/profit optimisation for Operators/Suppliers). 

Want in? Shoot us a note and we’ll be in touch!

How does it work for Travellers/Customers?

Find deals on the go!

Travellers can see deals available around them in real time and starting within minutes! As we have access to travellers' geolocation and to our suppliers' live availabilities, we can now propose last minute deals up to 80% off.

Quick demo

You maybe wonder how it works... we are using new advanced tech and live geofencing to create a new way to discover destinations on the go and have fun. Keen? 

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