Leezair is an Australian technology startup that creates apps and integrations that allow people to experience their surroundings more often and more conveniently. We believe that finding experiences that you love and booking them should be a lot easier; and that we have the expertise and technology to make it happen. 

We are a fast, agile company backed by big names in the industry. In just 6 months of operations, we have built and launched our website and mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices. With heavyweight backers behind us, we are confident that we can make an impact on the OTA/agent market and tourism in general.

Driven by our mission, we are committed to 6 things for our supplier partners:

1. Constant innovation

We constantly keep up with the modern traveler and latest technologies so your products stay top of mind, whether it may be mobile apps, smart cars or appliances. 

2. We market for you

Our online marketing and e-commerce expertise works for you, so you can focus on delivering great products. 

3. Get paid quick

We directly pay as soon as the activity is no longer cancelable to help you improve cashflow and increase certainty. No more delayed payment terms like on other platforms. 

4. Sharing insights

We intend to share our data analytics and detailed insights with suppliers so we can improve our marketability together. We believe that when our suppliers benefit, everyone benefits.

5. Free booking system or live connection

For small providers who cannot afford the cost of a booking system, to have online presence and online marketing campaigns, we have built our new marketplace. It will allow suppliers to register, create experiences, manage availabilities, bookings, customers and payments, for free. For the other ones, who already have a booking system in place, we can automatically load your products and availabilities thanks to real time connections then process instant bookings. 

6. Reduce excess capacity (coming soon)

We help reduce excess capacity by allowing suppliers to opt into automating last minute discounts. You set the rules, then sit back and let more customers come to you.

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