There are several benefits with listing your tour or activity on Leezair:

Reach new customers near and far

Leezair is an app and website for travellers and explorers who are looking for something new to do. By listing on our app you'll reach the hands of customers from around the world, of different ages all looking to find your activity 


Our expert marketing team runs campaigns on unique activities, destinations and holidays. You can boost your experiences exposure through our e-commerce, social media and other marketing channels

Get paid before you provide the experience

We guarantee to pay you on the last day of your cancellation date, this means increase cash flows and no more waiting around to get paid like your other platforms

Be apart of the next generation

Leezair stands for the future of tourism, through our technology and innovation we plan on changing the industry, streamlining how people discover and book your experiences

It's free! 

There are no hidden fees or costs, we just want to share your amazing experiences with a world of travellers who'll love them  

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