You can easily send your negotiated rates to Leezair from the Rezdy Admin.

1. Click Marketplace

2. Click Find Agents

3. Search for "Leezair" (by name)

4. Click on Leezair

Within the Agent Profile page, you can see an Overview about us.

5. Click Rates

6. Click Send Your Rates

7. Select Rate: Select an existing rate or create a new negotiated rate via the More Actions menu

8. Select Payment Details

Payment Method: select the below manual methods: "Full Payment to Agent" Customer pays full amount to Leezair who will directly pay you, the supplier, in your bank account (payment innovation 2017).

9. optional: Add any additional Users, Notes and other relevant fields

10. Adjust the Agent Permissions accordingly

  • Allow to edit Orders coming from the app (important if changes or cancellation)
  • Allow to override prices (important for flexibility and last minute offers, if any)

11. Click Add Agent

12. The Agent, Leezair app, will be successfully added, you can now personalise a message to us which will also send an email

13. Click Send Your Rates

Visit Rezdy Support for more details:

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